Music Review: Rhymefest Dangerous 5:18 (Pre-album)

Rhymefest's latest mixtape "Dangerous 5:18"

Rhymefest's latest mixtape "Dangerous 5:18"

I’m happy to kick off the first official Music Review from FadHawk with the release of Rhymefest’s “Dangerous 5:18” Pre-Album / mixtape.

First things first: Rhymefest does use profanity, and explores certain adult themes (though admittedly not perversely, as hip-hop has been known to do). Children and the faint of heart should probably skip this one.

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Things I Hate (but feel like I shouldn’t): Reality TV

First official post of Fad Hawk! Let’s get right to it:

Welcome to the first edition of “Things I Hate (but feel like I shouldn’t)” #1: “Reality TV”.

So I take the wife and brother to a local Hookah bar last night, and am immediately assaulted by the big screen TV in the corner. It’s not playing sports, or music videos, or even MMA (::shudder::)- it’s set to MTV and its latest darling, “Jersey Shore”. Not only is the program an assault on my sense of decency, I honestly believe it poses a Medical Risk- I fear I may roll my eyes so deep into my brow that they get stuck. Read on, after the break…

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Welcome to Musings of a Fad Hawk! My first blog is born out of thoughts that have grown too large for Twitter, and too deep for Facebook. (TWSS block)

So here’s to the beginning of some beautiful conversations with you, Citizens of the Internet!